We want you to go from where you are now, to where God wants you to be.
Our goal is that every woman at Westside be able to participate in one of our activities. This is to unite us in fun, accountability, fellowship, mentoring, spiritual growth, and community outreach. We can do this by knowing God’s Word, spending time with each other, and  reaching out to our friends.
We want you to experience a relationship with God that will impact your daily life. We hope the events and opportunities we offer will enrich your walk with God and enable you to connect in fellowship with other ladies here at Westside.  
Dir. Becky Branam
Asst. Tina McWhorter
Ladies Renewal Service

This is in the month of February

Mothers Day Luncheon

This is the first Saturday in May


This is in the month of March

Bible Studies

Yearly Bible Studies

Ladies Conference

This is in the month of April

Please feel free to stop by and join us for the

Adult Sunday School Class anytime.


Adult Sunday School Class begins at 1:00pm.